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Moving across the country is not an easy thing to handle. It comes with a lot of obstacles and requires excellent organizational skills. Vector movers have plenty of experience in cross-country relocation, which means we are well prepared for handling all kinds of residential and commercial cross-country moves. We know that moving can be a very stressful event in your life and we are here to help eliminate some of that stress. When looking for the cheapest way to move across the country, remember you may just get what you pay for. Our role is to provide quality moving service you can trust in. We want to show you how we can be your cross country movers NJ.

A young man and a young woman in their apartment, holding a big box together
Escape the logistical nightmare of cross-country relocation with some of the best cross-country movers NJ has.


You will want cross country movers NJ you can trust to be in charge of your precious belongings. Our employees are background-checked and provide moving services NJ that are far superior to their competitors. We have a training philosophy that has team members work together and train together. The time of Vector Movers NJ is dedicated to training our employees to the highest level. We want them to truly understand how the entire process works and be able to work with you on any aspect which you may have questions about.

A moving truck marked as cargo on the road, mountains covered with snow in the background
Remember that a company cannot ship your belongings across the country unless it is licensed.

Our movers shadow experienced cross country movers NJ to see how best to package, wrap, move, and load household items. They learn the ins and outs of a proper move and get plenty of hands-on experience prior to completing a move without experienced workers. We are licensed, insured, and bonded and will take the utmost care of your belongings.

Why Choose Our Vector Cross Country Movers NJ?

Vector Movers NJ are not only highly skilled in the moving process but we are also extremely efficient in what we do. We are one of the best-rated cross country moving companies in New Jersey. Our customers continue to come back and provide repeat business. You can see what our customers have to say by checking out Yelp reviews, where we have maintained a 5-star rating. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau website and see that we have an A+ rating, which is not easy to achieve and even harder to maintain.

We treat our customers the right way and we want to ensure they will come back and bring our business to both their friends and family. Our customers are the only reason we are here and the only reason we will stay here is to keep them satisfied with our services.

Specialty Moves

We can also provide specialty moves for those with fine art or delicate instruments like pianos. Finding cross country piano movers NJ can be a challenge. Finding quality movers that can also provide 30 days of free storage is also pretty hard to find. Vector Moving provides all of this and more. If you need packing materials, we can ship them out in advance and allow you to pay for all services on one invoice.

We know that your time is valuable and that is why we pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency. The cheapest interstate moving companies NJ do not always equate with the best cross country movers NJ, so make sure to do your research and ensure that you have a reliable group that is trustworthy.

Moving Tips For A Country-Wide Move

When moving with the best cross country movers, like Vector Moving, you find some great tips that you want to pass along and here are a few:

  • Reserve your moving company NJ on time, approximately 4 weeks in advance would be ideal. Popular interstate moving companies NJ are always in demand, especially during the peak season (from June to August). And they are not popular for no reason.

    A mop used for cleaning a wooden floor
    Clean each room after space has been cleared. You may not get your deposit back unless you clean up.
  • Get rid of the unwanted stuff in order to cut moving costs and save time on the moving day. This is very important when moving into a smaller space. Consider selling, donating, tossing…
  • Clean up. You do not want your movers to move your dirt across the country. Clean your belongings before packing them. Also, clean the home you are leaving. It is not OK to leave your dirt for the next owners or tenants to clean.
  • Have a checklist of things you need to complete and follow them during the move.
  • If you are in an urban area, park your car out front overnight to secure premium parking for the moving truck in the morning.
  • Set aside a few items you will need during the travel and immediately after arrival, such as electronic devices and chargers, medication, one outfit, documents, even valuables. No matter how trustworthy your cross country movers NJ are, valuables should always be kept close.
  • After the movers depart with your belongings, have your phone at all times to keep in touch with them.

Packing tips from experienced cross country movers NJ

  • The farther you move, the more attention and effort you need to invest in packing. Our professional packers NJ can do it for you. They definitely have more experience which guarantees maximal efficiency.

    A list with two ticks and two crosses, used for checking of the cross country movers NJ have delivered all items
    Check the inventory list as you unpack, to make sure the movers have delivered everything.
  • Keep clothes on hangers and wrap the ends with large trash bags for easy removal and easy set up in your new closet.
  • Use linens and clothes to help cushion and wrap fragile items to maximize space and to save on packing materials.
  • Use all the boxes, bags and cases you already have in your house if you wish to save money, making sure they are durable enough for the items they are protecting.
  • Don’t forget to label all boxes clearly using a permanent marker. Write down what is in each box to save both your time and money. You would be surprised by how many people find buying new stuff easier than searching through boxes to find what they need.

Researching the location

When deciding which town or neighborhood to choose for your new home, there are numerous things to take into consideration. When moving across the country, people often know very little about their new location. If you are one of those people, it is necessary that you do your homework.

What to investigate

  • Crime rates: The last thing you and your family need is to feel unsafe in your own home. One of the most important tasks to complete before choosing a place to live is checking the statistics regarding crime rates in the area you are interested in.
  • Schools: If you have or plan to have children, their education should be a priority. The performance of a local school can tell you a lot about the area. You can simply check their quality on the Internet before you decide to hire cross country movers NJ. For example, SchoolDigger is one of many useful websites that offer this kind of information.
  • Homes: First, establish your budget. Otherwise, you will be disappointed when you realize your dream home is way out of your price range. Check real estate listings, take virtual tours, find a reliable agent and take all the necessary precautions, whether you decide to buy or rent a home.
  • Traffic: It is important to know how to get to work, school, and other places you regularly go to. Find out how public transportation is organized and how long the ride usually takes.
  • First-hand experience: Nothing is quite like first-hand experience. Visit all the locations (schools, neighborhoods, etc) personally and take notes. Pay attention to every detail, ask the locals what they think. Weigh out the pros and cons and take some time to process everything you learned before making the final decision.

When you find a new place to call home, pay close attention to the potential moving obstacles. You should inform your cross country movers from NJ about any difficulties such as steep stairs and small doorways. If there is no elevator or your new house is hard to access, your movers should know. Moreover, try to make sure they have a place to park at the new location. Getting there before the movers enable you to receive them prepared.

Expect the unexpected

The longer the move the more unpredictable it is. After years of experience, we cannot be surprised but you can unless you accept the possibility of unwanted surprises. Always give yourself more time than you think you need in case of complications. For instance, there could be delays due to extreme weather conditions or heavy traffic. Finding cheap NJ movers you can trust could take more time than you hoped.

A young man and a young woman in their apartment, holding a big box together
Experienced interstate moving companies NJ will not be caught off guard.

There may not be enough space in your new place for all your belongings. In case something you did not count on comes up, there is no reason to panic. Whatever happens, know that there is always a solution that cross country movers NJ can offer.

Contact our cross country movers NJ and get a price quote

When you are ready to start planning the big move, give us a call at 201-266-3666 and we will be glad to talk to you about all of your cross country moving needs, costs, and options. You may wonder how much it costs to move across the country and we can help you determine that cost. We will get you the best price for the move you require and we will help with as much or as little as you need. You can also get a quote on this website in the request a quote box. Our relocation specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have and price your quote with no hidden fees. Honesty and communication guarantee precise moving quotes. We honor our quotes and never tack on any extra charges.

Not convinced – here’s something to bear in mind

Moving across the country is much less fun than traveling across the country. Planning a cross-country move is more complex than planning a short- distance one. It takes much more than packing a few suitcases. Plus, you cannot possibly do it alone. Your friends and family might be willing to help, although, let’s face it, it’s an inconvenience. Furthermore, they could have even less experience than you. Besides, you will owe them a huge favor afterward. Only by working with a reliable interstate moving company NJ can you get the best results. Therefore, choose your help wisely, plan ahead and let us take care of everything else.


5 Stars on Yelp! Doesn’t Happen by Accident

Vector Movers NJ Yelp Review Author image
Kelly K. New York, NY 9/27/2016
Yelp icon
Yelp stars

NJ Movers is fast, efficient at a surprisingly low cost! I contacted them using their online contact form. Johnny from the moving company responded on the same day, and we booked our moving date/time also on the same day! I gave him a list of bedrooms and type of bldg of our ...

Vector Movers NJ Yelp Review Author image
Lynne Y. Manhattan, NY 6/27/2016
Yelp icon
Yelp stars

These guys are pros. Extremely hard-working. I definitely recommend them. We moved from a large 2 bdrm/2.5 bath duplex (with a full garage) to a smaller 2 bdrm/2 bath condo with little storage. The building we moved into had a move-in timeframe that we had to adhere to. These guys ...

Vector Movers NJ Yelp Review Author image
David B B. Maplewood, NJ 12/23/2016
Yelp icon
Yelp stars

I called this moving company to move my mom from New Jersey to Virginia. Romeo and Frank were fantastic! Not only did they calm the stress typically involved in moving longer distances, they worked tirelessly and were extremely careful with all her belongings. We were ...

Vector Movers NJ Yelp Review Author image
John J. Jersey City, NJ 4/3/2017
Yelp icon
Yelp stars

Wow, I didn't know moving could be such a positive experience. Romeo and his team did a fantastic job, and on a day with miserable rainy and windy weather. I was moving a 2+BR apartment from Jersey City to Newark, with one stop at a storage facility and another at my ex's house...

Vector Movers NJ Yelp Review Author image
Lauren D. Hoboken, NJ 8/10/2016
Yelp icon
Yelp stars

I moved with Romeo and crew last week from Riverdale, NJ to Hoboken, NJ and couldn't be happier with the entire moving process. I called a few other moving companies in the area without ever receiving phone calls back before finding Vector Movers NJ. When I found them on Yelp, Everest ...

Vector Movers NJ Yelp Review Author image
Benjamin R. Jersey City, NJ 7/26/2016
Yelp icon
Yelp stars

These movers rocked. They were the lowest price estimate, great with communication (responsive, thorough, no surprises), and moved us quickly on the hottest day of the year.



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