Guide To Temporary Moving Truck Parking in New Jersey

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May 12, 2021

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You’ve got your hands full while moving your home or office to or from New Jersey. There’s so much to consider that it’s easy to forget things like where your moving company will park the moving truck and if you are required to reserve a temporary moving truck parking or get no parking signs in advance. Some reliable companies can assist you with quality services moving to avoid stress.

This is a critical part of a successful move…because failure to reserve a spot (if required) can result in fines or even a delay in your move.

Some moving companies will take care of this for you (at an additional fee), and others will not. It is your responsibility to check with your township about temporary no-parking rules for moving trucks.

If you live in a home with a long driveway (private property), it may be possible to park your moving truck there. However, for anyone without a driveway or if you live in a city where parking is difficult, you may need to reserve one or more parking spaces.

Here are some frequently asked questions about temporary no parking signs for moving trucks in New Jersey.

Do You Need A Moving Truck Parking Permit or Temporary No Parking Sign While Moving in New Jersey?

The requirement for moving truck permit parking in New Jersey varies based on where you are moving to or from. Cities like Hoboken, for example, require you to purchase a temporary no-parking sign (TNP) to reserve on-street space for commercial vehicles like moving trucks.

What Towns in NJ Require a Moving Truck Parking Permit or Temporary No Parking Sign?

Here are some cities and towns that require temporary no parking signs in New Jersey.

This list is not exhaustive – please check with your township or local municipality for complete details.

moving truck

How do I reserve Temporary No Parking for a Moving Truck?

First, get in touch with your township to see if you need to reserve parking or hire a moving permit service to do it for you.

The cost varies by township, but expect to pay about $15 for 4 hours of temporary no parking, up to around $60 per day. Hiring a service to take care of all the paperwork and setup will cost more.

There may also be a minimum number of temporary no parking signs required, especially if your moving truck takes up more than one standard size parking spot (this is possible since parking spots are about 18 feet).

How Many Days In Advance Do You Need to Reserve Temporary No Parking for Your Moving Truck?

Most of these answers will vary by township. Some cities have a minimum number of days of advanced notice required. It’s always a good idea to reserve temporary no parking for your moving truck as far in advance as possible.

What Information Do You Need to Reserve Temporary No Parking for Your Moving Truck?

In addition to your personal information, you will need the street address you are moving to/from as well as the addresses on either side of it for reference. The parking authority may also require moving company information about the truck’s license plate number or the company’s license and insurance numbers.

City/TownHow to Reserve Temporary No Parking
Newark, NJContact the Newark Parking Authority and fill out the required application.
Jersey City, NJVisit the Jersey City Parking Division website and follow the online application process.
Paterson, NJCall the Paterson Parking Authority and inquire about the reservation process.
Elizabeth, NJVisit the Elizabeth City Hall or their website for application details.
Edison, NJContact the Edison Township Municipal Complex for parking reservation guidelines.
Woodbridge Township, NJVisit the Woodbridge Township website or call their helpline for parking reservation details.
Lakewood Township, NJCall the Lakewood Township Municipal Building for information on parking reservations.
Toms River, NJContact the Toms River Parking Authority or visit their website for application details.
Hamilton Township, NJVisit the Hamilton Township Municipal Building or their website for parking reservation guidelines.
Trenton, NJCall the Trenton Parking Authority or check their website for the reservation process.
Please note that the methods mentioned in the table are generic and may not represent the exact process for each city. It’s always best to visit the official city or township website or contact the local parking authority for accurate and up-to-date information.

Who is Responsible for Putting Up Your Temporary No Parking Sign for Your Moving Truck?

This responsibility generally falls on the homeowner. You will need to pick up your TNP from the parking authority office unless they offer to mail it to you. Signs must be displayed on a tree, telephone pole, or traffic cone. Your township may have other requirements as well.

If you hire a service to handle your temporary no parking signs, they will put them up and take them down.

Failure to take your TNP down after the allotted time may result in a fine.

Attention Vector Customers: If you need information about our moving trucks to reserve your temporary no parking sign(s) in your area, please get in touch with your moving coordinator or call us at 201.266.3666.

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