How Much Do Movers Cost in New Jersey?

January 23, 2018
how much do movers cost in New Jersey how much do movers cost in New Jersey how much do movers cost in New Jersey

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Asking friends to help you move into your first studio apartment in Jersey City (for example) is practically a rite of passage. One of them might even own a truck. You also don’t own many valuable things to protect and the whole process only takes a few hours – all for the price of some soda and a few pizzas!

Fast forward a bit, and with a house and a family in the equation, moving becomes much more complicated. Chances are, your friends won’t be as enthusiastic about their help either! Plus, you want to make sure your belongings make it safely from place to place in an organized and efficient manner.

Then it hits you: I need a mover! But movers cost more than a few pizzas. Just how much do movers cost in New Jersey? Let’s find out. (Hint: with the right mover, it’s more affordable than you think!)

The Cost of Moving in New Jersey: Price Factors

When figuring out the cost of an in-state move, you need to consider several price factors.

  • Labor Time: this is counted from the moment movers arrive at the pickup address and runs until they leave the delivery address.
  • Travel Time: the time it takes movers to get to your pickup address and the time it takes to return to their business from your delivery address. Tip: look for safe movers near me in your zip code!
  • Number of Movers: expect to pay a certain amount per hour per mover. For bigger moves, there may also be a move supervisor on hand.
  • Hourly Contract? A non-binding hourly rate contract includes the total time the move takes plus any materials and other charges (like tolls).
  • Flat Rate? Some movers will provide an estimate that carries a fixed rate for a fixed amount of material to be moved. Remember that anything in addition to what is signed for will require additional fees.
  • What residence do you live in? While most costs apply across the board, some residences that are particularly challenging (30th floor of a building, older house with very narrow stairs, etc.) may incur additional costs based on increased difficulty.

Finally, keep in mind that you may wish to tip your movers for a job well done. Check out our recent blog post that covers how to tip your movers in detail.

What are the Moving Costs in New Jersey? (on average)

Now that you understand the different price factors involved, let’s talk real numbers. What can you
expect to pay for a:

Studio Apartment$280 – $650(2-3 movers)
One Bedroom$480 – $950(3-4 movers)
Two Bedroom$680 – $1450(3-4 movers)
Three Bedroom$1250 – $2500(4+ movers)
4+ Bedroom$1850 – $4500(4+ movers)

Remember, these figures are average estimates and will vary by the direct relocation services and company that are specified with the price. But with so many movers in New Jersey to choose from, it’s time to ask another critical question.

How Can I Get the Best Deal?

Look at reviews. Call neighbors who have had a good moving experience and handled with care. But most importantly, keep in mind that a good deal doesn’t always mean the lowest price.

A hassle-free move where nothing is lost or damaged and everything arrives on time can make a stressful time a lot easier to manage. That’s a good deal.

Find a Princeton mover whom you are comfortable speaking with. Ask them questions and don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. If they have mostly positive reviews, references you can speak with, and your gut says, “trust them” then you’re in luck.

To recap: if you’re not moving into your first apartment, then it’s time to hire a professional mover. Keep these tips in mind and you will find that the process is more affordable than you first expect. Finally, if you want an honest quote from one of the most reputable New Jersey moving company, just give us a call at (201) 266-3666.

Do you have any tips or advice about affordable moving in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments below!

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