How Much to Tip Movers? Best Practices

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December 15, 2017
how much to tip movers? - Vector Movers NJ how much to tip movers? - Vector Movers NJ how much to tip movers? - Vector Movers NJ

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How much to tip movers?

Tipping is among the most welcome – and tangible – ways to express your appreciation for a job well done or someone going beyond the expected.

It’s standard practice to tip workers in a service industry. We tip valet drivers and hotel cleaning staff to thank them for making our experience more enjoyable and convenient. At restaurants, it is customary to tip waiters 18% – 20% of the total bill (or more depending on the quality of service).

But when it comes to moving and movers, many people are often unsure whether not to tip. Some of the most common questions we get at Vector Movers are, “should I tip the movers?” and “what is the average tip for movers?

How to Tip Your Movers

At Vector Movers we do our very best to keep our prices competitive and affordable. Moving is a very physical task that also requires excellent team coordination and, quite often, creative problem-solving skills. As such, tipping your movers in New Jersey is both customary and expected.

When it comes to tipping movers, trust your gut. If you think they went above and beyond what was expected and want to tip them more than normal, you should do so. But if you’re asking, “what does above and beyond mean?” consider if they:

  • Did an exceptional job
  • Completed the move in less time than originally estimated
  • Worked carefully and efficiently
  • Made you feel like you couldn’t have managed the move without them
  • Carried your stuff up and down lots of stairs (2nd-floor apartments and up)
  • Moved especially heavy furniture or other antique items
  • Carefully wrapped and protected your valuables during the move

If the answer is yes to one or more of these, then a bigger tip is both appropriate and welcome. Here are two suggestions to take any guesswork out of tipping your movers.

  1. Tip 18% to 25% of the total bill. This is the simplest way to tip your movers and can often be done via handing the foreman (crew leader) cash to split among the crew. Just call your mover and ask if you plan on doing so with the different payment method.
  2. $9-$10+ per man per hour. While you can give the full tip to the foreman or supervisor to distribute among the movers, there’s nothing wrong with tipping each worker individually to show your appreciation.

Also, if you felt that one or two movers did an especially good job, it is fine to tip them a little extra.

Other Ways to Show Appreciation During the Move

In addition to cash gratuity, there are some creative ways to reward your movers for their moving services NJ during the relocation. Take cues from the weather or other circumstances. Is it a hot summer’s day or a cold winter one? Will the move take 8 or more hours? Think about what would make your movers feel appreciated and go with that. You could:

  • Provide cold bottled water or Gatorade on hot days to keep the movers hydrated
  • Give them hot tea or coffee on cold days
  • Order some pizza or sub sandwiches and provide some snacks for your movers

When it comes to tipping your movers in New Jersey, remember that they are all human, too! Cash tips are an excellent way to show your appreciation for a skilled job that was well done. Adding some extra perks such as refreshments or snacks is another way to say ‘thank you’ for their efforts to reduce the stress of your move.

Do you have any advice about tipping your movers, or any other questions that we can answer for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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