Things You Shouldn’t Bring With You When Moving Apartment

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December 15, 2017
Things You Shouldn’t Bring With You When Moving Apartment - Vector Movers NJ Things You Shouldn’t Bring With You When Moving Apartment - Vector Movers NJ Things You Shouldn’t Bring With You When Moving Apartment - Vector Movers NJ

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Things You Shouldn’t Bring With You When Moving Apartment

Allow me to let you in on a little secret to elaborate more on things you shouldn’t bring with you when moving apartment. One of the easiest ways to make it easier for you moving home is to reduce the number of items you need to move.

Sounds obvious maybe, but you’d be surprised how many people this doesn’t occur to! If you want to make life easier for yourself and for the moving companies in Jersey City alike, then getting a bit ruthless and discarding any items that you don’t strictly need is a very good idea. You’ll now have less to pack and unpack and less to fit into the van to boot!

So, what can you leave behind to make life easier? Here are some considerations…

Not only that but when you arrive at the other end, you’ll not risk completely filling your new property and making it cluttered. Consider this an opportunity for a reduce: a fresh start. Treat your new home like a blank slate and enjoy getting to refill the place with new items.

Things You Shouldn’t Bring With You When Moving Apartment:


Go through the backs of your cupboards and you will likely be horrified at the stuff that’s back there. There’s likely to be a whole bunch of old sauces, maybe there are several tins of beans and ready meals. Maybe there are three bags of flower and some very old pasta.

This does not need to come with you, you are simply adding more weight to your journey with stuff that you will likely only leave to rot at the backs of your new cupboards too.

Take a note that most moving companies usually do not move your frozen food from the fridge.


There are probably a whole bunch of different utensils sitting in your drawer that you don’t need if you’re anything like the majority of people that moving services deal with.

That means things like sieves that have gone rusty or surplus wooden spoons. You don’t need all this stuff and now would be a great time to have a bit of a kitchen refresh – so get rid of whatever you aren’t using.

Stuff in the Loft

Obviously, some stuff in your loft is good to go. But consider the tips in the book How to Save an Hour Every Day by Michael Heppell. Michael’s argument is that if you have a box in your loft and you haven’t been into it in the last 6 months, then you probably don’t need it.

What’s in there? Things like old hole punchers, a piece of exercise equipment you were gifted and never used, ugly photo frames etc.

If you haven’t used them in that time frame, chances are that you will never use them. So just get rid of the whole box and save yourself a lot of time and effort while moving. Of course, you do need to go through the boxes first just to remove anything that is either valuable to sentimental.

More on things you shouldn’t bring with you when moving apartment

The Man Drawer

If you watched the Michael Mcintyre sketch, then you’ll know what a ‘man drawer’ is. This is that drawer in your cupboard or desk that is just filled with all the things that you don’t have any other home from. Those items tend to include old batteries, very old phones, old phone cases for phones you no longer own, Bluetooth keyboards, coins, foreign money, takeaway menus…

99% of this stuff can go. So, check for anything valuable and then just tip the whole lot into the bin!


Speaking of coins, if you have a pot of them somewhere then this is a heavy and potentially awkward item you don’t need. The best way to dispose of these? Give them to charity! Failing that, have them weighed at the bank before you move.

Leave your unwanted things behind when moving apartment.

When you move, you get a perfect chance to change your life, to start thing differently from the scratch. This is that right moment when you wanted to do that crazy turn in your life to try things differently. Do not delay, do it and happy moving!

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