Why You Should Move During the Summer

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March 21, 2018
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While everyone has their own opinion on the question: “when the best time is to move?”, most professional movers agree that you should move during the summer. Here’s why.

There’s no denying that the summer is the busiest time to move – especially when moving in New Jersey. You’ll need to schedule your local movers NJ or long distance movers NJ in advance. But, thanks to a combination of great weather, the housing market, and a few other reasons we’ll explore, summer is also the best season to move your home.

In this article we’ll look at the key reasons you should schedule your next New Jersey move during the summer – and how to make the most of your summer move.

Summer has Ideal Moving Weather

When you move during the summer you avoid the worst moving conditions, such as freezing temperatures, heavy snow, frequent rain, and even spring insects and allergies. Sure, it might be hot, but your stuff won’t get soaked or frozen, which is especially important if you have old or delicate items to move.

There are also more hours of daylight during the summer, so you can start earlier and finish later. Hiring professional NJ movers will make the process more efficient, but they’ll agree that summer is the best time to move.

School’s Out for Summer

If you’re moving with school-age children, then moving during the summer means you won’t have to plan your move around their school schedule. This can open a lot of moving options since summer is the busiest time of year for professional movers.

Most college students are also home during the summer, so if you have college-aged children, you’ll have extra hands to pack and carry. As a source of labor, college students are great – but we always recommend hiring professional movers & packers. Instead, rely on college students to haul away junk or simply lend a hand around the house prior to and after your summer move.

Summer is Good Time to Sell Your Home

Another reason you should move during the summer is that it is also the best time to sell your home. Since moving and selling generally go together, summer (going into fall) is your best option. While this varies according to your location, in New Jersey summer is usually the best time to sell.

Garage Sales

Summer is also the season of garage sales. You can set up your own and sell unwanted belongs for some extra cash. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cheap way to furnish additional rooms (versus buying new), then visiting a few nearby garage sales can be a great source of furniture and other items.

Move During the Summer – But Plan Ahead

As you can see, there are many benefits when you move during the summer. But with all these moving benefits, professional moving companies are often heavily booked. If you know you’re going to move, and want to move during the summer, schedule your move as far ahead of time as possible. Remember to hire the best New Jersey mover for you – and do it early. We hope your next move during the summer goes well!

How did your move during the summer go? Or do you have recommendations for moving during another season? Let us know in the comments!

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