Why You Should Skip the Big DIY Move

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March 22, 2018
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Tackling a move on your own may seem like a good idea but moving is often more expensive and complicated than you think. Skip the big DIY move and hire an NJ moving company – you’ll be glad you did.

When people consider a big DIY move, they usually think about it in terms of cost savings. It sounds like a good idea in theory – enlisting friends and family to help and skipping the movers – but it rarely works in practice.

Usually, the money saved by moving yourself is not worth the headache and huge amount of extra time required. Many people also find that they don’t save nearly as much money as they imagined when all the costs are tallied.

If you’re still considering a big DIY move, think about the following issues before you decide. You’ll probably want to hire a professional residential movers NJ after you read them!

Too Many Moving Parts (no pun intended)

Unless you live in a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, coordinating a move can be a complicated and difficult task. You’ve got to consider everything from packing and permits to renting a truck or van and, of course, carrying everything yourself. With so much to consider, it’s easy to forget things or skip important tasks, like buying moving insurance, altogether. On the other hand, a professional mover will be able to help you plan (and think of) everything.

Your Friends Aren’t Professionals

Moving into your first small apartment and getting friends to help is practically a rite of passage. You won’t have that much stuff and, for the price of a few pizzas, it’s a fun experience. But if you have a family and need to move an entire home, choosing a professional mover is always best.

First, let’s be honest. Your friends probably don’t want to spend an entire day (or weekend) helping you pack and carry your stuff. Second, they probably don’t know the most efficient ways to pack boxes or carry them, so when you try a big DIY move, you risk injuries and damage to your possessions. Third, unlike professional movers, your friends and family don’t have a lot of experience moving, which means they won’t work as effectively as a team.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Professional movers work on several moving estimates each day. All this experience means they can properly judge how much space in a moving van or truck you’ll need. When homeowners try a big DIY move, they often find that they underestimate how much space they need. You don’t want to fill your rented moving truck and still have one-third of your belongings on the curb!

A Big DIY Move Can Be Expensive

You’re probably considering a big DIY move because it’ll be cheaper than hiring a mover, right? Not always. You need to look at a big DIY move in two ways.

With a DIY move, you still need to spend money. Packing materials (don’t use boxes from the liquor store) and rental truck costs can quickly add up. Also, your packing methods probably aren’t as efficient as a professional mover’s, so you’ll also need to buy more materials.

Next, think about the move in terms of stress and time. Do you really want the headache of planning a big move and then carrying and transporting everything? A job that takes 7 hours for a professional moving company may take you an entire weekend. What is your time and serenity worth to you?

Leave the Moving to the Professionals

If you take the time to hire the best moving company near you, you’ll find that the costs (which may be less than you think) are well worth the savings in time, stress, and hassle. Think about how nice it will be to move your family into its new home on a happy and stress-free note!

Have you tried a big DIY move that didn’t work out? Tell us about it in the comments!

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