A Checklist for Moving Home – Don’t Forget These Vital Things

Moving Checklist
December 28, 2017
Checklist for Moving Home - vector movers nj Checklist for Moving Home - vector movers nj Checklist for Moving Home - vector movers nj

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A Checklist for Moving Home

Moving home soon or in the middle of the process? Then there is an awful lot on your plate right now and I don’t want to take up your time.

But before you get back to what you were doing, let’s just quickly run through all the things you need to remember. This can help to organize the process and help you avoid making mistakes. This is your moving home checklist. Why not print it out and keep it with you for the next few days?

1. Book a local moving company

To move home, you’ll need a reliable moving service. Make a research around for some local moving companies NJ and get some moving quotes to see which one is right for you and can offer the best deal. Likewise, make sure that the moving companies charge a fee without any hidden fees (or use a payment structure that’s right for you), that they have the right equipment to execute your move and that you have secured a parking space for the truck in front of your building or home.

2. Change of addresses

There is a lot of admin to sort through when moving home and unfortunately there’s just no getting around that. You’ll need to update your address at the bank, on any magazine subscriptions, on your utility bills and on your driving license and insurance. It all takes a bit of time and some of this you won’t be able to do until you’re in your new home. But do as much as you can now and make a note for the rest of thing to do when you are settled at the new location.

3. Purchasing/Acquiring Boxes

Before you begin packing, you first need to make sure you acquire the boxes that you will be packing into. The best place to buy moving boxes is from a local hardware store (which many of them have in stock), home depot/lowe’s department stores. Check with your movers NJ to see if any of them will supply the boxes as part of their service.

More on a checklist for moving home

4. Packing and Sorting

Make sure that you start packing your items as soon as possible. A good way to do this is to set aside a single room in your home to be the ‘packing room’ and this is where you can then keep the boxes that are already packed.

Another tip is to throw out anything that you don’t need. The more you lighten your load, the easier the transition will be.

Sort through your items and make sure that delicates are packed separately in sturdier boxes. Likewise, make sure that you begin cleaning and tidying. While you might need to come back after the move to finish this off, the more you do now, the easier that will be. You might also want to save your valuable time and hire a professional cleaner who will help with cleaning around. This helps when it’s the time to get your security check back from a landlord.

5. Final Checks

As you prepare to leave the old property there are a few last things to take care of. Make sure everything is properly locked and off and that you have all the keys with you. Do not forget to hand the keys to the new owners/landlords. Make sure as well to get a final meter reading for your gas and electric to give to your energy supplier. When your movers are ready to head to the new address, make sure you do a walk through to make sure nothing left behind.

As a final useful tip, you might also want to take some final photos of the place at this point for your landlord to ensure you get your deposit back.

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