10 Ways to Make Moving Home Easier

Moving Tips
December 27, 2017
10 Ways to Make Moving Home Easier - vector Movers NJ 10 Ways to Make Moving Home Easier - vector Movers NJ 10 Ways to Make Moving Home Easier - vector Movers NJ

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If you’re moving home, then you have quite the challenge ahead of you. Moving home is an administrative nightmare with a huge number of different factors to consider – especially if you’re buying a home. Both this sheer upheaval and the emotional impact of a relocation ensures that moving rates very highly on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale – a psychological inventory of the most stressful life events. Below we will take a close look at 10 ways to make moving home easier.
10 ways to make moving home easier
Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can make the ordeal that is moving home a bit easier. Here are ten things you can do that will make the whole process much easier to handle.

1. Use a moving company

It is absolutely essential that you use moving companies NJ if you want to make the transition as seamless as possible. They will handle a large amount of the work for you, while at the same time ensuring that everything goes smoothly and nothing gets lost, broken or misplaced. Make sure you make your thorough research on safe movers near me.

2. Use the right moving company

That said, not all moving companies are made equal. Make sure that the company you choose to use is one that is reputable, with a good track record and lots of positive customer reviews. Shop around for moving quotes and don’t just take the first one or the cheapest one you can find in your area! Yelp and Angie’s list could be the best platforms to consider in your research. It’s better to spend some time finding a reliable NJ moving company rather than dive yourself into loads of stress.

3. Choose the right moving day

Sometimes this will be out of your control. But if you can choose the day you move, then think about factors such as traffic, such as what you’re doing the night before, and such as the availability of the moving companies. Many high-rise buildings have time restrictions, make sure you are aware of them as well.

4. Have an overlap

Again, this might not be up to you. But if you can ensure that there is an overlap between the two properties (so that you go for a week or so while living out of two homes) then go for it. This costs some money, YES, but it also relieves significant stress.

5. Confirm the size of truck with your mover

Crucial to using the right moving company is to find someone with a big enough truck. A professional moving company will discuss with you on the phone the list of items you plan to move and should then be able to recommend the right size of a truck on that basis.

6. Rope in friends for faster packing

The more the merrier! Seriously, having friends around when the packing of boxes comes will not only help to significantly reduce the stress and handle the emotional burden, but it will also ensure the entire process goes much more smoothly and quickly.

7. Start preparing early for the move

This is one of those tips that we all know we should follow but rarely actually do. But again, this will make a world of difference: so make sure you begin preparing and packing your items as early as you possibly can. There is also much to do: reserving elevators, book the movers, deciding which items not to take on moving day, purchasing “No Parking” signs for parking the truck and much more you will be able to catch up with everything on time.

8. Have a separate room for your items

When packing, one of the biggest issues is having to live on that packing mountain. You’ll have boxes everywhere and many of the things you want to use will be stashed away at the bottom of said containers.

Keep a separate room for all the items that are packed though, and you can live and navigate relatively generally in the rooms that remain emptier.

9. Have a survival kit (essential things handy)

To avoid the issue of needing to dig through boxes to find your toothbrush or tea bags, keep a separate bag for items that you are going to continue using. This is also useful so that you can enjoy a celebratory cuppa once you reach the new property.

10. Throw things out

One of the best ways to make moving easier is to give yourself less to move. Throw out some items and the move becomes significantly more simple. Good luck with your moving day journey!

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