How much should you tip your movers?

September 6, 2018
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A job well done should always be rewarded, financially or otherwise. This is one of those simple matters of life. And the world of moving is no different. You hire professional cross-country movers to handle your relocation – and despite what people might say, this is no easy task. You are hiring a team of people to come over, pack your entire household, one room at a time, load it all in a truck in the safest possible manner, transport it to your new home across the state, unload it all (and even unpack). So, the question of how much you should tip your movers is not an easy one to answer. But we will try to give a general idea – the rest is up to you.

Should You Tip Your Movers?

Mover with cardboard boxes on a dolly.
The decision to tip your movers is definitely one to consider.

Let’s make something clear right off the start – you should never feel obligated to provide a tip for services rendered. After all, you did hire a professional moving company in New Jersey to take care of your moving and storage needs. However, tipping is not as much of an obligation as it is your personal expression of gratitude for a job well done.

And while there is no such thing as an established amount to tip your movers, there is a general unwritten rule of tipping up to $20 per mover, or simply 5% from the total estimate for the move. The tipping process itself will vary from moving crew to moving crew and should be conducted accordingly. If you feel that certain members of the crew earned a tip, then feel free to only tip them. On the other hand, if you feel that the entire team did a great job, tip every one of them. To better define that “did a great job” part, we will note the following examples:

  • They executed the entire move quicker than anticipated or estimated;
  • The crew managed to fit all your belongings in one truck despite the overwhelming quantity of your belongings;
  • All your heavy and robust belongings were packed and loaded despite various obstacles – staircases, elevators, longer walking distances, etc.

Factors to take into consideration when you decide to tip your movers

We already mentioned the general consensus when it comes to an average tip for your moving professionals. However, there are influencing factors that you need to consider, that could boost that tip a bit over the limit. So, here are some elements to consider before you decide on a specific amount for the tip:

  • The complexity of your move. Size and distance play the biggest role in this case. There is a difference between moving a condo and a 4-bedroom household. So, consider how much property there was, what the obstacles were etc.
  • Quality of service. This is the point where you judge the overall conduct of the moving experts you hired. Consider their timing, behavior, packing & loading expertise…
  • Final moving cost. When you get precise moving quotes in Jersey City, inquire on what additional services this entails. Are you also paying for packing services or just the moving ones? Was there a need for an extra truck or equipment? All this should get into your final calculations before you opt for a precise figure to tip your movers.
The process of tipping your movers.
Tips are a completely normal occurrence, if deserved, that is.

When should you tip and when should you ignore the urge to do so?

Cheap movers NJ are not necessarily reliable movers. Never forget that you are the customer here – as long as you are paying for a service, you should only settle for exceptional service. Otherwise, there is really no need to consider tipping a moving crew for a mediocre job. But as long as the movers demonstrate absolute devotion to your move, a gesture such as a tip is well in place. This would include situations such as:

  1. Showing up on time and meeting deadlines
  2. Navigating obstacles without delays
  3. Packing and unpacking your belongings
  4. Damaging nothing during the course of the move
  5. Cleaning after themselves
  6. Communicating with you and your family in a positive and friendly manner
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The different amounts of financial tips

When it comes to the types of financial tips for movers, there are three options to choose from really. It will usually depend on the factors we mentioned earlier, so consider everything before you decide. It might be a good idea to make a list in your mind, or an actual checklist, which you can later use to rate those very movers. All in all, these are your options:

  1. Bigger tips if they really did an outstanding job or had to work under tougher conditions.
  2. Standard tips if they did a good job protecting, carrying and loading your household items with care.
  3. No tips at all if they did a poor job, damaged some of your belongings or had a rude or disrespectful attitude.

There are other ways to tip your movers

A pitcher of lemonade is another perfect way to tip your movers.
Nothing like a tall glass of cold and refreshing lemonade to lift the spirits of your movers.

Giving your movers a bit of cash on the side is just one way of rewarding them for a job well done. However, there are also several other ways to express your appreciation for the work they did. It’s good to remember that did not hire robots to relocate you, but actual people with physical needs in terms of thirst, hunger, energy etc. And so, you should consider how to keep them in full spirits while helping you move. So, here are some simple forms of compensations that can replace a tip for your moving crew:

  • Moving in the summer can be hard for any person, no matter their physical condition. So, always offer cold and refreshing beverages to your moving crew, or hot beverages if you decide on a winter relocation. Since they will handle your valuables, it goes without question not to offer them alcoholic beverages, at least until the job is done.
  • If the relocation takes longer than expected, your movers might get hungry at some point. This is your cue to show that you are a good host and offer snacks, sandwiches or some kind of fast food for your moving team.
  • Moving can be a dirty job sometimes, which is why you should have a bathroom prepared and equipped with a soap and disposable towels.
  • And finally, one of the finer ways to show your gratitude to the expert moving company that handled your move is to recommend them to others. Take 15 minutes once the move is done and go online to post a moving review about the top-notch services you received. It’s always a good idea to get their names in the review – it adds a more personal flavor to it all.

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