What is the Average NJ House Moving Time?

March 3, 2018
average NJ house moving time average NJ house moving time average NJ house moving time

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A residential move in New Jersey is a big project. There are a lot of moving parts and it’s important to know how long a move will take so you can plan accordingly. In this article, we’ll look at the average NJ house moving time.

If you’re moving clear across the state, can you fit a full house-moving project into a single weekend? What about a short local move in a single Saturday? Unless you understand how long it will take to move houses in New Jersey, you won’t be able to pick a date that works for you.

The short answer is: every move is different. The average time a move takes in New Jersey depends on several factors, which we’ll explore below. Using these tips, you can get a clear idea of about how long your move will take. Then you can choose the local New Jersey moving company that works for you.

How big is your moving project?

It seems obvious, but you need to work with your mover to understand the scope of your move – and it depends mostly on the size of your home.

First, you need to consider things such as how long it will take you (or your moving company) to pack up all your stuff! Here’s a good estimate:

  • 1 to 2 days to pack a studio or 1-bedroom apartment
  • 2 to 3 days to pack a 2-bedroom house or apartment
  • About 4 days to pack a 3-bedroom house
  • Up to a week to pack a large, 4+ bedroom house

Next, think about how your current belongings will fit into your new living space. Are you sizing up or sizing down? If you’re moving into a larger home, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’re moving into a smaller home, you may have to get rid of some of your stuff. Yard sale anyone?

Finally, if you are thorough, finding and hiring a local New Jersey mover can take up to a week. Follow our guide to hiring a mover and get quotes from several reputable movers before making your decision.

Hint: remember to factor in any special considerations such as especially fragile items that need to be moved separately.

Where are you moving?

While most reputable New Jersey movers can move even large houses in a single day, some considerations, such as moving distance, can make this difficult.

Are you moving across town or across the state? If transport time is minimal, you shouldn’t have a problem. But if you are moving a large house from North Jersey to South Jersey, talk to your moving company. They may suggest breaking the move over the course of two days.

Remember, large moving vehicles can’t travel as fast as your small family car. So, expect a typical 2-hour drive to take longer than normal. Parking for large vehicles may also be limited in the area (especially if you don’t have a driveway), which can cause delays as well.

Of course, even a short local move can take a long time, especially if there are special problems to consider such as limited elevator access, tight delivery timelines, or narrow streets that can’t fit large moving vehicles. You’ll need to do your homework and plan so what was supposed to be a simple 6-hour move doesn’t turn into a two-day affair.

Give yourself extra time

We all know that moving can be stressful. If you’re rushing around on moving-day, it can be even more so. It might be hard to take it easy during a move, but we suggest building some extra time into your moving timeline. This way, even if something unforeseen happens, it’ll be easier to stick to your timeline because you expected it to take a little longer than the ideal.

There are other considerations that can be especially stressful if you don’t plan for them. These include dealing with pets during a move or moving very young, very old or otherwise infirm family members.

In conclusion, reduce stress by taking it slow. Rely on your local NJ moving company to make the process easy and efficient – it’s okay to ask for help!

So how long will my move really take?

If you plan your move well and take care of the packing and coordination ahead of time, most high-quality New Jersey movers should be able to move most houses in a single weekend. Many will be able to do it in a single day. Of course, you’ll need to talk to your mover to get a precise timeline!

Want to know more about the average NJ house moving time or have a comment? Leave us a message below!

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