How and why should you label moving boxes

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September 10, 2018
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Can you think about the number of items that you need to move with you? Going from one apartment to another is a big task. If you are reading this at home, stop for a second. Take a look around yourself. Everything that you can see around you needs to come with you. Now, imagine yourself packing all of it into cardboard boxes. Do you find it difficult to imagine this? Then maybe you are going to need helo from packing services NJ with getting ready for your move. Whatever you decide to do, imagine arriving at your new home and looking for one particular item of clothing. That can prove quite a difficult thing to do. Especially in the sea of cardboard moving boxes. This is the reason why you should label moving boxes before relocating. It will make your life easier once the move is complete.

How should you label moving boxes?

Writing kit
Make a list of your items and write down what is inside each moving box

First things first, let’s make it clear: you must label your moving boxes, no excuses. You must have realized that after the first paragraph. If you have not, read it again. This time, imagine that you need to find some clothes, not for you, but for your kids. Surely this will help you get a hold of the reasons to label moving boxes.

Now that we have got that straight, let’s take a look at how you can label moving boxes:

  • Use sticky notes to label them
  • Prioritize when labeling moving boxes
  • Label by color
  • Numbers are a good option as well
  • Printing label is a good idea

Using sticky notes to label moving boxes

One of the first ideas that will cross your mind is to use sticky notes to label moving boxes. For the beginner, this can prove to be a good idea. Should you be moving twice in your life, you will understand why it is not a good idea. Luckily for you, we are here to explain it to you.

Sticky notes are a great way to leave a message at someone’s desk. You can also use them successfully for reminders. Some like to stick them all around their monitors at work. On the other hand, sticky notes are not the best way to label your moving boxes.

Sticky notes glued onto a wall
Sticky notes may represent a great way to mark your boxes, but they’re really aren’t

Firstly, they are not as sticky as one might expect them to be. This means that with just a bit of dust, they will start to peel off. Secondly, they are pretty small comparing the sizes of label boxes. Given their size, you might end up spending as much time looking for the right box as if you hadn’t labeled them. Therefore, we suggest skipping sticky notes as labels for moving boxes and finding a better way to facilitate the search for the right one when the time comes.

Printing labels is a good idea

When you need to put a mark on your moving box, you should think about printing some. Now, while this may sound as if you need to get all creative about the symbols and all, do not worry. You do not have to get creative. Still, moving is going to be quite hectic. Therefore, having fun while you are at it can prove to be relaxing.

In case that you should decide to go down this path and print your labels, make sure to print them large. This should help you locate the right box at any times. Also, since printing is not that expensive, you might want to make several copies of one label. Then, glue them to more than one side of moving boxes. Get the idea? Good.

Numbers are a good way to label moving boxes as well

Design your own notes and print them

Numbers are a great way to label moving boxes. The key to packing is to have a general plan of what you are going to do with your stuff. This includes knowing where you want to put them. Therefore, if you decide to mark your boxes with numbers, take advantage of the principle when storing them. Store them in the right order. Number one should be the either on the top or on the bottom it is up to you.

Prioritize when labeling boxes

This leads us to another important aspect of the move: prioritization. When you are moving to New Jersey, make sure to store your boxes in such a way that getting your important stuff out of them represents no trouble. Simply put, you should first load the least necessary items onto the moving truck, while the important ones should be the last to go in. This will allow you to unpack the most necessary boxes first, while the leftovers can wait.

Labeling by color

You may decide to label moving boxes by color. This can be an interesting way to deal with the move. If this is your go-to method, then you should make sure that various boxes receive the same color of the label. Different colors, different to content and different the priority. This is where you can really get creative about labeling. Nevertheless, make sure to make a list of what each color means. There is no point in labeling boxes if you cannot get a hold of the logic behind the labels.

Pack by room

Here’s something extra. Now that you have decided how you are going to label moving boxes, the time is right to tell you another secret. A great idea when packing is to pack by room. Then, when you start unpacking, you will be able to get all of your items right into the room in which they belong.

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