Change of Address checklist – who to notify?

Moving Checklist
November 6, 2018
Change of Address checklist Change of Address checklist Change of Address checklist

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Are you planning your relocation? If you are, there must be numerous things on your to-do list. Finding the best movers is just the first items on your list. Reliable and quality NJ movers will help with protecting your items and the packing process. However, there are tasks only you can handle before the moving day comes. One of those tasks is notifying the right people and places about a change of address. In case you haven’t done this before, take a look at our Change of Adress checklist. Our list can help you organize better and find out who to notify before you move.

What to do before you make a change of address?

One of the moving preparations is the change of address. But before you make this step, you should make sure you handle other move-related tasks. The most important thing is to find reliable residential movers NJ. Quality moving professionals with years of experience will handle your belongings with care. Trustworthy relocation assistants will take you mind of packing and preparing your valuable belongings for transport. They can pack everything for you while you concentrate on other tasks and moving preparations.

Laptop on desk next to a coffee mug
Make sure to visit official online web sites to change your address.

The next important step is to choose the most reliable moving specialist in your area. To do that you can contact multiple moving companies and ask for the official moving quote. Moving quotes in Jersey City are the estimates of your overall relocation costs. Moving companies representatives will usually come to your location and they will access the number of items you need to transport. They will calculate the moving expenses based on the type of your relocation, the distance and the moving services you need. After that, he will issue an official moving quote that represents a form of the moving contract if you decide to hire the same company. When you have more than one estimate, you can negotiate the price of your relocation with the moving company of your choice.

Change of address checklist

The post office

The first place to start is the post office in your area. You should notify the post office of your change of address. If you do, the post office in your current location will forward any mail sent to your old home. The most common practice is that the post office will forward any mail to you during one year time period.

Tax agencies

State tax agency and the federal revenue agency should be notified if you decide to relocate and change your address. This process is not hard because the IRS website has an online form you can fulfill and save yourself time to wait in line. You can notify the state tax agency of your change of address the same way. Their official government website will guide you through the steps.

Social Security Administration

Another important item in your address change list is the SSA. In case you receive any kind of social security benefits, you should make sure you notify them too. They offer a simple online application form to make this process easier.

You shouldn’t forget to transfer your utilities

Gas and electric

As soon as you agree upon the official moving date of your relocation with your moving company, you should make sure to transfer your utilities. Nobody wants to come into a new home that has no electricity or heat. That is why this item on your list should be a priority. It is quite easy to arrange for the electricity company to make the change of address. They will schedule to shut off the electricity at your old residence on the day after you move and start your utilities in your new home at the same time. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about coming into a cold home when moving during the winter.

Electrician repairing the electric socket
Consider transferring your utilities to a new home.

Keep in mind that you should also transfer other utilities you’re responsible for. Those may include:

  • The water department
  • Sewer utility company
  • Garbage or the recycling company

Phone, cable, and internet

To avoid coming into a new home and not have the internet set up yet, make sure to contact your internet provider few weeks in advance. And that is not all. You should do the same with your phone provider and cable company to let them know about your change of address. Doing this simple task will prevent you from waiting a week or to get the internet connection in your new home.

Your insurance provider

When moving into a new residence you should also notify your renters or home insurance agency. They should be notified in advance about your change of address because they need to transfer your policy. This task is very important and you should do it prior to your relocation. Your future landlord, renter or a management company may ask you for the proof of this transfer prior to the move-in date.

Contact your bank before you relocate

It is important that you make the change of address with a bank and your credit card company. In most cases, you will be able to make this change by contacting the bank operator or by filling the online form. Consider that you should repeat the process for different credit cards in case you have more than one.

Your employer

In case you receive a direct deposit for your monthly paycheck, you should let your employer know about your change of address. This way you will make sure that the pay stubs, tax forms, and other similar documents are delivered to your new address.

computer and phone sending mail
Consider changing your address at your online shopping accounts.

Other items on your change of address checklist:

  • Agencies that provide insurance – health, dental, car or life insurance
  • Any subscription service
  • All of the online shopping sites you visit
  • Individual service providers – veterinarian, dentist, doctor
  • Friends and family members
  • Local groups etc.

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